1941 Diamond-T 614H Double Cab Build

As Found

Modernization and Double Cab Build


My brother found this near Sacramento and I couldn't resist. 

As it showed up at home in 2007...  Took a vehicle pushing to get it up the driveway.  Engine had blown a head gasket years ago and then been left set aside.  Water in sump, not salvagable.

Cummins 6BT and Allison MT41 from a donorhome fitted.


Test run with the new driveline.  Note forward facing exhaust and overflow tank zip tied near radiator.


Also see the 1960's era front tires on split rims, amazing they still held air.


While the double cab was being build, I used this 406 cab to drive around. 


The vintage rubber and split rims have been replaced with accuride single piece front rims. 


Very little from this configuration survived.  Original front drums, springs and Isuzu rear axle have all been replaced.  This single cab is now in England.

Double cab was built using parts from 3 cabs.  Wood frame was created to emulate the frame rails and a cheap trailer put in place to allow me to work easily.

Cab corner had to be remade.  Lots of time with the beater bag and the English wheel

Cab is rough but fitted in place.


Framework for the bed can be seen.


Front axle at this point has been updated to Chevy 1-Ton, widened 1/2" and fitted with air bags.  Rear axle is Ford 10.25 Sterling.  Rims are modern steel units.

Bed is coming together!

More fabrication work to smooth the roll pan out for the bed

Test run with reasonably complete levels of bodywork.  


Fuel pump required a rebuild.  The original VE pump seal into the engine failed, filling the sump with fuel.  Upon refit, engine wouldn't fire.  Turns out that the injectors also needed to be replaced.  Runs perfectly now...

Single rear wheel, pulling the 1956 Silver Streak to Buellton.  Got about 24MPG on this trip, pretty impressive.

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